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    33The Owl thermal hyperspectral sensor is new to the arsf and so new problems may occur during processing.  Please add any new issues to the bottom of this wiki. Details on the Owl sensor are available [ here] and information on Owl testing is available [ here].
     5== Owl Pre-Processing Checks==
     7Before processing, or as part of unpacking, the following checks are recommended:
     91) Check for dark frames. From the top level directory run:
     11grep -rnw */*/thermal/owl/*/capture/*.hdr -e "autodarkstartline"
     13Data cannot be processed without this keyword, so ensure that it is listed for each flightline. If dark frames are missing they can be added following instructions in the Dark Frames section.
     152) Check for nav synchronisation:
     17grep -rnw thermal/owl/*/capture/*.hdr -e "GPS"
     19If there are no GPS times in the data header, the data cannot be geocorrected.
     213) Check for calibration data:
     23ls thermal/owl/*/capture/T1*
     24ls thermal/owl/*/capture/T2*
     26Make sure that there is at least 1 T1 and 1 T2 file present for the flight and that it is located in the same directory as the flight data. If there are double the number of expected flightlines, then the calibration data is probably stored in separate directories from the flight data. It will need moving to be processed. e.g. if line 1 only has T1 and T2 files and line 2 has data, but no T1 and T2, move/copy line 1 data into line2.
     284) Check for dropped frames in the .log files. If there are more than a few note on the ticket. Make sure the log file is in the same layout as 2014 288 before starting processing.
     305) Check the files and directories are correctly named.
    532== File Naming ==