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    1515All output files are written to the /processing/owl/calibration subdirectory of the project folder and logs written to /processing/owl/logs. The output files consist of the data (* and if not specified as inputs, the calibration (*_calibration.rad) and blinker files (*blinkers.dat), all with their own header file. Intermediate files are stored in /users/rsg/airborne/workspace/Owl/ and deleted on completion.
     17=== Blinking Pixels/Vertical Stripes ===
     19During the radiometric calibration blinking pixels are tested for and removed from the data.  It is likely that the default settings will not remove all the blinking pixels and the data will have vertical stripes.  To remove these reprocess with a lower value of pixstabi e.g.
     20 -p <project directory> -f <flightline> -m pixstabi=0.005
     23The pixstabi modifier defines the standard deviation of the time series allowed for a normal pixel, so reducing this removes more pixels above this range.  It is not expected that all blinking pixels can be removed as the blinking pixel routine does not yet appear to be optimal.  Do not make the value too low as this will remove too many pixels and result in thick vertical stripes where the data has been replaced.  It will also remove a considerable amount of spectral information, so check that the spectra still look reasonable. Somewhere between the first 2 images below is desirable.
     26|| [[Image(pixstabi238.png, align=centre, height=400)]] ||
     27|| Level 1b Owl data (2014 238) calibrated with different values of pixstabi (default 0.011, 0.005, 0.003, 0.0025, 0.002) ||
    1729== Geocorrection ==
    19 This will be incorporated into APL...
     31This is being incorporated into APL...