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Navigation Processing

The first step of processing a project is to do the navigation.

If using a base station then you must first verify it's location:

If you need to process navigation data for the ALS-II Lidar/RCD (IPAS) then follow one of these links:

For data collected in 2012 we can use the .sol files generated above directly in the hyperspectral processing software.

Base station issues

If there are no basestation data with the project then check here for possible places to download from.

If you find you need to do a Network Adjustment then look here for instructions how.

For limited information on converting base station formats check this page.

Older instructions for pre 2012

If you need to process navigation data for the hyperspectral instruments:

Due to problems with the applanix system in 2011, instead of processing the applanix navigation separately, we now convert the IPAS .sol generated above into an .sbet and use this, with appropriate changes to the boresight and lever arms.

To convert, go into IPAS and click Tools -> File Converter.

The old applanix instructions are here: