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    26 = Tagging images which have camera log files =
     26= Full scripted processing approach =
     28If you are lucky you should be able to do the whole processing chain through running one script. To improve the chances of this working follow the stages below to set up the data and remove as many anomalies as possible.
     30 1. Process the IPAS data and create an SBET file (convert the SOL file to an SBET using IPAS Pro)
     31 1. Create a KML file using the event logfile(s) and view it in Google Earth.
     32  * Note which blocks of photographs do not overlap with any Eagle/Hawk data. Usually consists of a group of photographs at the start of the survey where they set up the exposure rates etc for the camera.
     33  * Delete these tif files since they are not required.
     34 1. Check the event log file for erroneous entries
     35  * If there is no log file then this approach can not be used. See below section on tagging without log files.
     36  * Anything with a -1 in GPS time will cause an error in the tagging script. If possible, you might be able to use the !SensorStats log file to estimate the GPS time of the erroneous events. Use the time differences in the log file to estimate the GPS time. Note down any image names you do this to so that it can be put in the Read Me.
     37  * If the !SensorStat log cannot be used to estimate the time then there is nothing that can be done for this image - can only be tagged with minimal information via a separate script (see below section on tagging without log files).
     40= Individual processing stages =
     42== Tagging images which have camera log files ==
    2844== Tagging the TIFFs ==