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    1111 1. Get a camera .sol file
    1212  * Check there is a *_camera.sol file in the IPAS/proc directory. If there is not, then you will need to create one. See details [wiki:Procedures/ProcessingChainInstructions/NavigationProcessing here]
    13  1. Remove "bad" images
    14   * Create temporary thumbnail images of the processed tiff files using
    15   * Open the first image with eog and use either spacebar to scroll though the images or view/slideshow. Remove the corresponding tiff images for any that are over/under exposed.
    16  1. Remove images that don't correspond to flightlines
    17   * Create a temporary kml file:  ` -d <main_project_dir> -e ***ImageEvents1.csv -o /tmp/kml_file.kml` Make sure the correct eventfile is being pointed to
    18   * Open the kml file in google earth
    19   * Note which blocks of photographs do not overlap with any Eagle/Hawk data. Usually consists of a group of photographs at the start of the survey where they set up the exposure rates etc for the camera. Often the log sheet notes which images too. Delete these tif files (not the raws) since they are not required.
    20   * Delete the kml file created above as it is no longer needed (an updated one will be created by the delivery script)
     13 1. Remove "bad" images and images that don't correspond to flightlines.
     14  * Run from the rcd processing directory.
     15  * Once all the thumbnails have been made and the pdf is opened look through it and remove all the over/under exposed tif images from proc_images (leave the raws). Any images that do not correspond to a flightline will be moved to proc_images/outbounds and any images with corrupted eventfile information will be moved to the proc_images/nogps. If the nogps directory was made remove any over/underexposed images then check which images are in the outbounds directory, and if any nogps images fall between the outbounds images remove the tif image. e.g. if images 1, 2, 3 and 6 are in outbounds the nogps images 4 and 5 will be outbound as well.
     16  * Note down any images left in the nogps folder because these images will not be fully tagged and need to be mentioned in the Read Me, then move them into proc_images with the other tif files.
     17  * Remove all images in the outbounds directory and remove the empty nogps and outbounds directories.
    2118 1. Create a new image event file with post-processed positional data and omega,phi,kappa values
    2219  * Open IPAS CO (on the windows machine)