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Hyperspectral reprocessing

Procedural list when reprocessing the 2009 hyperspectral data:

  1. We need to redo the navigation processing ensuring that we do the basestation ppp processing. This is the APPLANIX navigation data NOT the ipas_honeywell.
    1. You should use POSPAC and grafnav to do the navigation processing not POSGNSS - there are instructions on the applanix processing page on how to do this.
    2. Be careful not to overwrite the original navigation data when copying back onto the repository. Currently the original 2009 data should be in posatt/applanix_litton/original_2009_processing with the new data in the usual posatt/applanix_litton directory
  2. The config file should have the scts already in there. You will need to change the paths for certain variables as the data has been moved since the config was set up.
  3. Processing is in slow mode with all bands - but still check the tifs before making the delivery as the new navigation file may have effected the data.
  4. If happy that the tifs are correct (no wobbles, all data line up well) then make the delivery as normal
  5. Get someone else to check the delivery as normal but no need to redeliver.

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2009 77 Lake Vrynwy Stgo

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