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These pages document established procedures for processing, data delivery, archiving, etc. Please be aware that these pages may be written in technical language as they are mainly used for documenting internal processing.

Project processing procedure

This page contains links to detailed step-by-step instructions on how to deal with data from arrival to dispatch to the user. Please keep updated. A simplified overview of the procedures can be seen in the flow chart, with the more detailed, technical descriptions below.

Simple overview of the procedural chain


  1. Unpacking data
  2. Processing nav data
  3. Processing
    1. Processing Eagle/Hawk data
    2. Processing LiDAR data
    3. Processing Leica's RCD digital camera data
  4. Creating a delivery
    1. Hyperspectral data
    2. LIDAR data
    3. Photography data
  5. Once the delivery has been created, it needs to be delivery checked
  6. Dispatching to PI
  7. Tidy the project. Get rid of any unnecessary files and make sure the directory and file names conform to the current standard (use
  8. (2010 and earlier) r-syncing from the workspace to the repository
  9. Archiving at NEODC

Other procedures

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