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    2626     1. The base station location will come in a particular datum/coordinate system - you '''must''' correctly convert this to a form that POSGPS knows about.
    2727     1. For UK base stations, see the instructions below for this conversion.
    28    1. Loading the airborne settings in POSGPS (''Settings -> Load Settings From -> Airborne'')
     28   1. Load the airborne settings (''Settings -> Load Settings From -> Airborne'')
    2929   1. Process differential (button looking like a blue world with a ruler on it).  This brings up a set of options.
    3030     1. Change the ''Process -> Process Information -> Desc'' each run so you can compare between results.
    31      1. Try a run with the default settings first, then investigate other options as needed (see notes below for tips and issues)
     31     1. Try a run with the default settings first.
    3232     1. Read the output for hints as to problems.  You want to see "Fixed" ambiguity and a green (1).
     33     1. You will probably need to change the settings to improve the trajectory (and the below graphs) See [wiki:Processing/GrafNavProcessing/diffgnsssettings here] for things to try.
    3334     1. Iterate as often as needed
    3435   1. When processing is complete, the track will be coloured according to the quality of the data.  The important parts should be green!