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File structure and naming

A single site/logical group of flight lines/sortie should be contained in a single directory. If there are multiple sites from different projects, significantly different times of overflight or large time gaps, each should have its own directory.

The directory name should look like: PROJECTCODE-YYYY_JJJxx_SITENAME, e.g. GB07_07-2007_102a_Inverclyde, boresight-2007_198, etc.

There should be:

  • no spaces, brackets or other Unix-upsetting characters in filenames
  • execute permission removed from anything non-executable
  • no empty directories? (need to think about this, maybe only do after checking it's not a stub for later data)

The structure under the project directory should look like:

Top level dir 2nd level dir Comments
admin contains the flight logsheet and any miscellaneous information (readme's, copies of trac tickets, etc)
applanix raw and processed Applanix navigation (raw files in applanix/raw/DCALM*, final processed data in applanix/*sbet or applanix/Proc/sbet*.out)
atm raw ATM data files (az???LLL.JJJ, where ??? = disk id, LLL = 3 digit file number (000 typically contains navigation), JJJ = Julian day of capture), pre-2009 only
calibration typically a symlink to the appropriate calibration directory
casi raw CASI data files (ca??LLL.JJJ, where ?? = disk id, LLL = 3 digit file number, JJJ = Julian day of capture), pre-2008 only
delivery contains copies of data delivered to end users
(see below) Structure described below
dem contains azgcorr compatible DEMs
eagle raw Eagle data files (.raw = image data, .hdr = ENVI compatible header, .nav = navigation synchronisation data)
hawk raw Hawk data files (.raw = image data, .hdr = ENVI compatible header, .nav = navigation synchronisation data)
leica Leica LIDAR data
(see below) Structure described below
lev1 processed hyperspectral level 1 data (note this will be the most current, not necessarily what was delivered), see below for filename info
lev3 processed hyperspectral level 3 data (note this will be the most current, not necessarily what was delivered), see below for filename info
lidar raw and processed ULM LIDAR (raw LIDAR looks like "surveyXXX.range", processed is typically in a strips/ directory)
rinex GPS basestation data appropriate to the site
runa ATM processing scripts
runc CASI processing scripts
rune Eagle processing scripts
runh Hawk processing scripts
tabi raw TABI data
vectors (2007/8 only) - symlink to appropriate vectors

The lev1 and lev3 data filenames are structured as "sdddfnn1b.{hdf|tif}", where:

  • s is the sensor id (a=ATM, c=CASI, e=Eagle, h=Hawk)
  • ddd is the Julian day of the data acquisition
  • f distinguishes between multiple flights on the same day (“a” being the first flight)
  • nn is the flight line number (note this is not necessarily the same as the flight line identifier as specified by the PI - these numbers are the number of the flight in order of when it was taken, as on the logsheet)

Leica LIDAR data

subdir of "leica" 2nd level dir Comments
aux_files contains a copy of the reg file used and any logs produced that we may conceivably want to keep - also if different boresight values used for different lines then report in a text file and store here for future reference)
logs contains the flight/ops log files
proc_laser contains the finalised processed LAS files only
raw_laser contains the raw laser data

Delivered data

As data may be delivered multiple times (in the event of a problem requiring reprocessing) or in stages (if particular sensors are completed first and others look like they'll be delayed), we take copies of any data sent to the end user for future reference (e.g. in support). The lev1/ and lev3/ directories will typically contain the latest processed version.

Delivered data is stored delivery/YYYYMMDD/PROJECTCODE/, where YYYYMMDD is the date the delivery was created. The directory structure of a delivery looks like:

latest azgcorr and azexhdf at the time of delivery
azgcorr manual and other documentation
processed level 1 data
logsheet as stored in admin/ above
any additional files needed for level 3 processing (e.g. OS National Grid correction file, geoid-spheroid separation grid file, etc)
images of the level 3 output we managed when testing the data
copyright notice!
Instructions for use and description of dataset, plus any problems encountered.