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Common command line options for azgcorr

Verbose output

-mUK99 <File_Path>
Use UK National Grid 1999 for datum shift/map projection conversion. <File_Path> is the path to the OSGB99 correction file. Note other options are available for -m, including -mUTMZ <zone> to use the specified UTM zone. See command-line help for full details.

-bl <Band_List> -1
Space-separated list of bands to be processed. -1 terminates list.

-p <x> <y>
Output pixel size in metres - <x> is x direction, <y> is y direction.

-1 <File_Path>
Location of level 1b HDF file to use for input.

-3 <File_Path>
Location of level 3 HDF file to use for output.

-eh <File_Path>
Location of DEM ascii flat file.

-hs <Height_Correction>
Height correction (m?) to apply for aircraft height.

-ua <p> <r> <h>
Attitude correction in decimal degrees for <p>itch <r>oll and <h>eading to be applied to the basic navigation on an epoch-by-epoch basis

To get a more complete (somewhat dense) listing of azgcorr command-line switches type "azgcorr -help" at the command-line. Note still may not be exhaustive.