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Common command line options for azimport

Verbose output

-h <HDF_Filename>
Use <HDF_Filename> as the output level 1b HDF file

-Sr <Number>
Not sure about this one, related to Specim sync in some way (starts -S). Seems to be an offset of some kind in seconds.

-Sg <Number>
<Number> of seconds gap for checking approximate sync time with that of nearby nav records. Default is 20s.

-Sq <Path_Pattern>
Searches for Specim sync file in path matching <Path_Pattern>. Wildcard character is #. So eg. eagle/file#.nav matches files in eagle subdirectory beginning "file" and ending ".nav". Note for this to work azspec must have been run before azimport.

Save nav items in position 2. Position 1 should be used for Javad nav, position 2 for Applanix. Omit argument to use position 1.

-a <File_Path>
Location of Applanix sbet file.

To get a more complete (somewhat dense) listing of azimport command-line switches type "azimport" with no arguments at the command-line. Note still isn't exhaustive (missing -Sr at least)