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    55 1. If required convert the Plane and basestation GPS RINEX files to GPB files. (file>convert>Raw GPS to GPB)
    6  1. Add Remote file (file>add remote). This is the plane GPB file (probably in the extract firectory)
     6 1. Add Remote file (file>add remote). This is the plane GPB file (probably in the extract directory)
    77 1. Add Master file. (file > add master). This is the basestation data.
    88 1. Load airborne settings (Settings > Load settings from > airborne)
    1515 1. Save project and exit.
    1616 1. Analyse the X, Y and Z accuracy of the exported ASCII file (.lat).  Acceptable SD results are 3.5cm in XY, 5cm in Z.  Excellent SD results are 2cm XY, 3cm Z. These assume basestations within 25km.  These figures are from the user manual.
     18=== Exporting GrafNav Result to POSPAC ===
     19It is possible to do the GNSS processing in GrafNav and then export the result into POSPAC. This saves doing the GNSS processing two times (one for LiDAR IMU and one for Applanix IMU). The version of GrafNav is newer than the POSGNSS version and should be used instead of POSGNSS.
     21When the solution in GrafNav is ready to be exported, save the project and go into POSGNSS. Open the GrafNav project into POSGNSS, ignore warnings about being an older version. Then click the "combine GNSS" or "combine PPP" button. This will load in the previous solution. This can then be exported to POSProc as per usual.