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GrafNav GNSS Processing for IPAS Pro

Similar to Applanix GNSS processing. (See that wiki page if these notes dont make sense :))

  1. If required convert the Plane and basestation GPS RINEX files to GPB files. (file>convert>Raw GPS to GPB)
  2. Add Remote file (file>add remote). This is the plane GPB file (probably in the extract firectory)
  3. Add Master file. (file > add master). This is the basestation data.
  4. Load airborne settings (Settings > Load settings from > airborne)
  5. Process differential GNSS.
    1. Change settings/options as required to get a good result (green line). iterate until best solution obtained.
    2. Check combined seperation graph. We want this small.
    3. Check number of satellites. The more the better (Need at least 4 to even get a solution, more for an adequate one)
    4. When happy, click Export -> Export Wizard. Select IPAS from profile. All other default settings should be ok, but check to see if sensible.
  6. Click finish to output the results to a suitable format for IPAS Pro.
  7. Save project and exit.