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    110110These values are entered in the flight planning software and '''should''' automatically populate in IPAS. [[BR]]
    111111The GNSS and IMU values can be changed in IPAS TC if they are incorrect. The user frame values cannot. They can be checked in ipas/extract/*extract.log. If you find these values are not correct let Ops know so they can change them to what they should be.
     113== Troubleshooting ==
     115- '''Unable to save IPAS solution.'''[[BR]]
     117To a query about this error, Leica replied :[[BR]]
     118"""my findings are the following:
     120the basestation sampling rate was 2Hz, so it is better to resample  it to the 1 hz. Second thing is that you have quite big data gap in the basestation (see attached file "basestationdatagap") and the final thing is that doppler measurements on L1 in the basestation file are wrong, so I recalculate them and you can try to process your data with this gpb file (location is our ftp site /outgoing/for_ioannis). processed data combined separation you can see on the next attached file"""
     122From this you can take what you wish, some of those issues may or may not apply, in any case the fixed GPB file Leica provided did solve the problem.