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Calculating Lever Arms

Data usually goes in ~arsf/arsf_data/YYYY/misc/plane_survery_<month>/

Stirling Surveys usually provide two things:

  • *coordinates.xls - a spreadsheet giving the xyz of each point
  • dornier_228_*.(dwg|pdf) - a digram of all the points in space

The coordiantes are relative to the rear gps antennae and are positive up, to port and to nose.

The file working_out.txt shows the logic and calculations I used to get the final values that go on the wiki.

The spreadsheet calculate_leverarms.ods has the formulas used above in-built, so you can put the new survey values into it and it will calculate the values to go on the wiki for you (make sure to use a copy from the most recent survery so it has the Owl for instance).