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LiDAR Calibration Notes - Software issues and Common mistakes


  • AutoBoreSight.exe error -"Boresight programme could not be found"
    • Resolution: Check projection is correct (UTM or OSGB)
      • Note: sometimes this doesn't fully resolve the issue, in which case currently no solution has been found.


  • Failing on a section of line
    • Resolution: Use a different line or manually classify that line.


  • Check that the command is correct inc parse using 's' for blank columns e.g. -parse sxyz for 4 columns


  • RangeCardCal Error
    • Resolution: File missing from "Sent to" (C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\SendTo) folder.
      • Alternatively use a different user's account that this has been done.

  • Pulse Rate error when loading in raw LiDAR data - Doesn't appear to change the result, no solution

We are investigating the issues regarding to the software errors and have contacted the manufacturer