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    6868     * You could just remove the point from one or two images (especially the high altitude images) or from all images.  Then recalculate the network adjustment and iterate until Aposteriori reference is approx 1-2 and average residuals are 0.25,0.25 and 0.05.
    6969     * Can remove the points from the lower resolution images if it will help. We want more measurements in the higher resolution images than the lower ones if they are unclear to measure in (so don't just measure in them for the sake of it)
    70    * When happy save the solution
     70   * When happy save the solution - also note down roll, pitch and heading values in case of crashes
    71715. Return to ALS Post Processor
    7272 * Add the Pitch, Roll and Heading values into the boresight calibration dialog.
    8282 * Also possible to check for errors by re-ordering points by elevation
    83837. The boresight parameters can be manually twiddled (rather than using Attune) by reprocessing in ALS, changing the R,P,H values one at time.  Only process parts of the flightlines for speed benefits.
     858. When happy with the results save the ALS Post Processor settings to a .reg file for future reference.