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    4646 * Load up the calibrated reg file (received from Leica) to get correct scanner settings
    4747   * This will be in /users/rsg/arsf/doc/leica/*year*/. If it isn't you should move it there and add it to svn.
     48 * Check that the torsion constant, encoder latency and forward laser angle (FLA) are correct. They should be consistent for all calibration reg files in the same season if errors have not been identified.
     49 * Set the correct POS file (ipas_honeywell/proc/*.sol).
     50 * Check the Intensity Based Range Correction box and select correct IBRC file.
    4851 * Set the pitch, roll and heading values to 0
    4952 * Check the output as attune files in the outputs dialog
    9497 * Select points on roads with uniform intensity. Use lines of roads and field boundaries to get the same place in each image. Don't use buildings as markers due to perspective/shadow.
    9598 * Edit project file properties.
    96    * Torsion constant =-100,000
     99   * Torsion constant and encoder latency should be the same as ALSPP reg file.
    97100   * Image observation Weights 0.2, 0.2, 0.1
    98101   * Atmosphere same parameters as in the ALSPP processing
    116119Autoboresight begins to fail at reducing tie points sometimes, this appears to be at random. It's likely that attune will not be able to find any of the tie points you have made if this happens. The only fix seems to be to create a new project, add all your lines again (as the same line number/name!) then rename the old tie points file to the new project name convention and re-run. This does not work every time.
     121If previous fix does not work (possibly because there is no tie point file in the new project or it is overwritten when solving calibration parameters), open the corrupted file with your tie points, then open and save a new file. Read in the lines again.  Don't forget to replace the .bin files with the classified files. Save and solve calibration parameters. The tie points from the corrupted file remain in Attune's memory and are written to your new tie points file without any errors.
    1181236. Return to ALS Post Processor
    119124 * Add the Pitch, Roll and Heading values into the boresight calibration dialog.
    121126 * Change output directory
    122127 * Additional flightlines should be processed to check the validity of the calibration (not just the 6 used for Attune)
     128 * Check all settings (torsion, encoder latency, FLA) are still correct.
    123129 * Re-run the processing
    128134 * To check the Roll accuracy – check opposing flights and look at cross sections at either end of the swath for a tilt (across track).
    129135 * To check the Pitch accuracy – check along track on slopes for offsets
    130  * To check the Heading accuracy – check the parallel lines for offsets
     136 * To check the Heading accuracy – check the parallel lines for along-track offsets close to line edges
    131137 * Also possible to check for errors by re-ordering points by elevation