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LIDAR processing in Linux

The main LIDAR processing software is all Windows based, but parts can be run under the WINE windows emulator in Linux. The parts that work are:

  • ALS Post Processor
  • FugroViewer (LAS file viewer)

Bentley Microstation (and thus TerraScan) currently do not work under WINE. This functionality can be partially replaced by..[work tbd!]

Set up

To set this up, do the following under your own userid:

You can now run the ALS PP with alspp.exe and the FugroViewer with fugroviewer.exe

General operation

This is the same as the normal processing procedure

Workarounds for Bentley functionality

Differentiating flightlines by color


  • Add a different classification number to each LAS file (knpa to add how to)
  • Load into FugroViewer
  • Color points by classification