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Matching two flight lines by applying Boresight corrections

This page summarises how to match two flight lines together if they do not line up, by using boresight corrections.


The IDL script will take 2 images and utilise either a feature match or area-based match to generate tie-points, or will use tie-points given in a separate file. When IDL is started, at the prompt type:

envi, /restore_base_save_files

This will setup the ENVI functionality. Then (if the script is not in your current directory include the path to the file) type:


to compile the script. To run the script type the following command, replacing the $words with their respective values:

getboresight, '$basefilename' ,'$warpfilename','$matchtype','$height','$HORIZONTAL','$headdir','$outputdirectory'


  • $basefilename is the master/base file (tif image you want to match to)
  • $warpfilename is the slave/warp file (tif you want to match to the basefile)
  • $matchtype is either 'feature', 'area' or '<filename>' where filename is GCP file in ENVI format
  • $height is the height of the aircraft when the warpimage was acquired
  • $HORIZONTAL is either 'horiz' or 'nothoriz' depending on the heading of the aircraft. Suggest 'horiz' if heading is in ranges 355-005, 085-095, 175-185 or 265-275.
  • $headdir depends on heading direction: '+' if heading 0->179 else '-'
  • $outputdirectory is the name of a directory to spit out jpgs and txt files