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Converting Raw GPS Base Station Data to RINEX

These instructions currently only cover converting Trimble GPS data to RINEX, though teqc can convert other formats.

Note: You are advised to take a backup before doing all this - these utilities will cheerfully overwrite your source files with garbage if misused.

Converting raw Trimble data (*.T00) to Trimble DAT format

  1. Check you have runpkr00 installed (
  2. For each raw GPS file (*.T00), run runpkr00 -dveai <filename>
    • This should generate three or four files per input file - .dat (GPS observations), .eph (GPS ephemeris), .ion (Ionosphere information?) and possibly .app (?).

Converting Trimble DAT format to RINEX

  1. Check you have teqc ( Note this doesn't install, it's just an executable that should be in the path somewhere.
  2. Check which Julian day your GPS observations were collected on.
  3. for each .dat file created above, ensure the other files are in the same directory and run teqc -week YYYY:JJJ -tr d +nav <output_filename>.YYn <dat_filename> > output_filename.YYo
    • In that command, YYYY is a 4-digit year, JJJ is the julian day on which the GPS observations start, YY is a two-digit year.
    • Note: If you forget to give the nav filename (*.YYn) and just give the input DAT file, that command will overwrite your input file with garbage. Don't forget the nav file.
    • This should generate RINEX files that can be read by Grafnav/Grafnet as normal.

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