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    66To load in the LAS data you can select Read Points from the TerraScan File menu. Select the LAS files to read in and click Add. Then click Done. On the next dialog pop-up, do not apply WGS84 or any transforms. The only thing you should need to change is the Flightline Numbering to "increase by file".  The points should be displayed in view 1.
     8If you have a lot of LAS files to load in then you may need to use a "fence". This is essentially an area of interest. If you open one LAS file and then draw a fence using the Microstation toolbar, using the displayed points as a guide to the area of interest. Then close the points, and open all the LAS files, selecting the "inside fence only" option from the Load Points dialog.
    810=== Changing display properties ===
    911From the TerraScan menu select View > Display mode. This is the main dialog for changing how the data looks. EG you can view data by intensity, echo, flight line, class etc. If the display contrast looks odd, select colours and autofit, then apply the changes. Speed should always be normal, unless you want to view the flight directions, in which case select colour by flightline and speed as slow. Zoom functions are on the toolbar on the bottom of the view windows.