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    11= Geovisionary =
    3 == Simple Model (DEM and Image overlay) ==
     3== Simple Model (DEM and Image overlay) - Needs refining ==
    44== Intro ==
    55Geovisionary is a software package developed by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Virtalis for creating visualisations of large and complex datasets. The data can be viewed within a 3D environment demonstrating the spatial relationships. We are currently running the version of the software which only supports DEMs for height information whereas the latest version will now accept point clouds.
    1111Once the files have been converted they can then be loaded into Geovisionary. The converted DEM files need to be loaded in as height data. This should then create a 3D model of the terrain. If your creating this model with a standard ARSF DEM it is likely the the resolution of the model will vary across the scene. This is as a result of other height information data being patched to the LiDAR during the generation of the DEM e.g. ASTER data. The converted mosaicked RGB can then be added as an imagery layer. 
    13 == Creating a movie (and changing layers) ==
     13== Creating a Fly-through video (and changing layers) ==
     15To create a video a series of way-points need to be define. These can be created by using the camera way point tool in the video tool bar. By flying through the screen and clicking the mouse a series of the points are defined, based on the position and orientation of the view when clicking the mouse. Once all the required way points have been collected then using another button in the video tool bar the camera can be moved back to the first way point. From here it is possible to start recording (button again in the video tool bar).
    1517To change layers during the video recording the layers need to turned on/off or faded during the recording process. As the video is recorded effectively by screen grab changing the layers needs to be done in real time. If you need to turn off or load new layers this can take a moment or two to take effect. Also due to the screen grabbing approach to recording it is also important not to overlay any other windows as these will become incorporated into the video (this included the map overview in the corner!).