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    6363Latlong is generally a preferred projection because it doesn't require additional zone information. Latlong files can be saved as both latlong and UTM, while UTM files should not be converted, unless they contain projection information in the header's VLR geo keys. Alspp produced UTM files don't contain this information so this conversion should be avoided for the time being. Also latlong files seem to have higher precision than UTM files (up to about a 10th of a milimeter), which is probably much higher than the actual lidar precision. By default this values are rounded to precision of 1 centimeter when converting latlong to UTM. To prevent precision loss you can select // Use full precision // option on file saver dialog, however this will result in slightly bigger files.
     65== Other Options ==
     66* **Reset**
     67    Pressing //Reset// zooms out and centers the view to its original position. It also sets point width and slice to initial values.
     68* **Refresh**
     69    This redraws all the points from buckets. Whenever it happens that part of the data has not been rendered correctly or when not using //Full refresh on panning// pressing //Refresh// should fix any problems.
     70* **Vertical slicing**
     71    This allows to only display points within given Z values range. When //Slice// option is enabled all operations, like taking a profile and classifying, will only apply to the points with elevation within specified range.
     72* **Super Zoom**
     73    This option is useful for close points inspection. It makes zooming in and out faster by the factor of 10 and also increases the point size.