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     1= Make a KML Overview =
     3This page describes how to use the script
     5== First run ==
     7This should be run at the unpacking stage - note that the first time it runs it will fail if the weblink does not exist. This can be created after the first run as follows.
     9{{{ -l <main_project_directory>
     13Runs in dry run mode - please check that there are no suspicious or fatal errors before running in --final mode. One error that you will get is the following:
     15'''Symlink does not exist on webserver. This must exist to continue - paste below into terminal and enter password. Then re-run this script'''
     17Copy / Paste the required command into the terminal and enter the rsgadmin password.
     19Also note that in dry-run mode, the output password to the terminal will NOT be the same as the password created when run in --final mode.
     21== Final run ==
     23If happy that everything looks in order run with --final, i.e.
     25{{{ -l <main_project_directory> --final
     29If you require the username and password for emailing the PI then you can access it from the processing/kml_overview/.htaccess file.
     31== Auto updates ==
     33This script is set up as a cronjob to run automatically every night.