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    5555  * Currently, {{{proj_tidy.missing_directories}}} calls {{{folder_structure.FolderStructure}}}'s constructor, which returns a full list of the directories that are expected to be in the project directory. This could be changed by either adding another function to that looks for regex instead or changing the FolderStructure constructor so that it can just return the relevant directories if necessary.
    5656* Check that the bandset in the hyperspectral header files is what we expect
     57  * This is done by checking if there are any .wls files in the hyperspectral sensor calibration directory (~arsf/calibration/<year>/<sensor>/) for that particular year. If it's there, it will count the number of lines in each file and add it to a Python list. It will then read in the header files and count the number of wavelengths in each one using the Python data_handler library. It will then check that the length of the header file is in the Python list of numbers of lines. If it's not, it will print a warning.
    5758* Some updates are needed to the regex files so it recognises some newer files
    5859* The use folder_structure to decide what dirs are missing is creating folders we don't need in flights, like eagle and hawk dirs when there is no data for those. Should either remove these from folder_structure or (better) integrate this bit with the part that determines if sensors are present so it doesn't create these if they're not needed. It also currently puts owl in hyperspectral/owl when it should be in thermal/owl.