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proj_tidy (project tidy) is a tool to keep the arsf flight directories in a neat and standard data structure with correct layout and filenames. It also runs a multitude of checks to flag any problems with the data.

It also serves as our "unpacking script", it prints a list of commands that you should use to convert it from the format we get it from ARSF-OPS to our desired standard.

It lives here:

It is modular, and it's modules live here:

Also present there, are regex/templates. These are designed to hold filename/folder structure information for each year. This is because we use proj_tidy to archive flights in previous years. We want to make sure these are standard for a given year but we don't care if they change in-between years (which things do). We therefore need a record of past conventions. The regex files are used by proj_tidy, the templates are the same thing but in a form where things like flightDay can be readily inserted to build correct paths/names. I think this was so proj_tidy can give suggested changes so you can copy and paste without having to correct it manually, but this has not yet been implemented. For pre-2011 an older version of proj_tidy is ran (, this is because the project structure/filename conventions were originally hardcoded into the script. When we changed to APL in 2011, I decided to rewrite proj_tidy in the new, flexible year format, and kept the old one around for 2010 stuff. If you run the regular proj_tidy on something pre-2011, it will call proj_tidy_old instead.