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Data Processing Overview

ARSF DAN have introduced a new processing overview to give near real time information on the processing status of data. The over views take the form of KML files which are viewable with Google Earth. They are created at the time when ARSF-DAN first receives the raw data and then are updated periodically when new information becomes available.

Initial Status

When the data are first received a Google Earth file is created that displays the flight line locations and times when data were acquired. If Eagle and Hawk data are captured then quicklooks of the raw data are included to give an idea of coverage and quality due to cloud cover.

Note At this stage the flight line coverage data is fairly rough as the information is coming from log files rather than processed data.

KML overview with raw quicklook


As data processing progresses more information becomes available after the delivery directory is created. This can take the form of:

RCD Camera quick look images at position of exposure

KML overview with RCD quicklook

Geocorrected level-3 images of hyperspectral data

KML overview with Level-3 quicklook

Intensity images of LiDAR data

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