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Project gradings for 2011

General rules:

  • EUFAR projects default to a grade of α4H unless we hear otherwise.
  • GB10/00 is a semi-internal job that makes use of three calibration targets which we hope to use as a repeat spectral calibration location. We will probably re-use GBxx-00 every year for internal / calibration / development projects. No grade.

2010 gradings

Updated list from Gary Fri, 26 Mar 2010 12:48:59 +0000

GB10-06 R* Richard Harding
GB10-07 A4L Kate Welham
GB10-08 R* Simon Price
GB10-09 A4M Jim McQuaid - atmospheric
GB10-011 R* (I believe now this is a A4 Barbara Brooks) - atmospheric
EU10-01 A5 Natashka Klujn
EU10-02 A3 Tavi Murray - not supported
EU10-03 A5 Andy Tyler (and Steve Groom)
EM10-02 A4L Graham Ferrier
EM10-03 A2 Barry Parsons - not supported
EM10-04 A3 Graham Ferrier - not supported
EM10-05 A4M Dickson Cunningham
EM10-07 R* Francesco Vuolo - probably will be A4 and supported [benj 20100630 - Gary confirmed this was re-graded as a4l]
EM10-08 A3 David Pyle - not supported