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     1== Individual processing stages - if above script does not work ==
     3=== Tagging images which have camera log files ===
     5The eventfile needs to be updated before tagging the images. This will apply a 0.006s offset to the times in the csv and also replace the pos/nav data with post-processed data from a supplied SOL file. The resulting csv file will be written to new_eventfile.
     8 -v -t -s <solfile> <eventfile> <new_eventfile>
     11 is a python script that uses the exiftool command line tool too add tags to a tiff. It draws this data from an image event file (this should be the updated one from the above step). In addition to the data in the image event file the user can use several arguments to supplement the information. For information on the script use the -h option
     15 -V -d dd/mm/yyyy -p <projcode> -l <sitename> ( -s sortie ) <eventfile> <photographs_directory>
     20 dd/mm/yyyy is the date the image data was collected
     22 sortie is the flight letter (e.g a, b, etc)
     25to check the changes use
     27exiftool /users/rsg/airborne/workspace/IPY09_11-2009_219_Helheim/leica/rcd/proc_images/07120958100001G4.tif
     30A second script is used to then rename the files with useful names containing the project code, year and day. this script also takes the image events file and the folder containing the images as arguments and renames the files and creates a new image events file with the file names updated.
     32for more information on the script use -h option
     34{{{ -v -d dd/mm/yyyy -c <projcode> ( -s sortie ) <eventfile> <photographs_directory>
     38=== Tagging images which do not have camera log files ===
     40Only minimal tagging can be performed: original filename, project code, flight day and site name. This is because without the timestamp of the image event we cannot match up any navigation information. Ask mark1 for a clunky script to do this (will get updated to a better script soon).
     42Renaming the files can take place once they have been tagged with the original filename information. Ask mark1 for a clunky script to do this (will get updated to a better script soon).
     44=== Creating Thumbnails ===
     46We need to create thumbnail images for the delivery and for getting an overview of the images for the checking procedure. To do this use the script.
     49{{{ -d proc_images -o proc_thumbnails
     53Will create JPG thumbnails of all the TIF images in the proc_images directory and save them into a directory called thumbnails.  For further usage run -h