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Sensors Operated by NERC-ARF

The page gives a list of past and present sensors operated by NERC-ARF. Click on the name below to get more information about a specific sensor.

The sensors are mounted on the cabin floor over an opening that can be opened/closed during flight. The image below shows the aircraft in flight with the hatch open.

Current Sensors

NERC-ARF currently operate:

For certain campaigns ARSF will operate the older Eagle2 sensor due to its higher spatial resolution in VNIR.

For comparison on ATM, CASI, Eagle and Hawk sensor swath widths see this figure.

The navigation data that is used in the georeferencing of the various sensor data is collected from either an Applanix system (for pre-2011 data collections) or an IPAS system (for 2011 data onwards). See the ARSF operations navigation systems page for more information.

Additional Instruments Available

Historical Instruments

  • Eagle
  • Hawk
  • ATM
  • CASI
  • RC10 (analogue large format camera)
  • Rollei (digital camera only operated in 2007)
  • TABI (only operated in 2010 on loan from Technical University Athens)

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