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GRIMM Sky OPC internal/processing

Data output

The data comes out of the plane in two different ways:

  • A csv file created by phil's script that runs during flight: ~arsf/code/external_code/ops/
  • A binary file from DustMonitor (GRIMMs software) which also runs in-flight

The DustMonitor files comes in .dm and .di pairs (measurements and metadata respectively)

To view the data, you'll have to load it into DustMonitor, at which point you can write out a csv file.


Software is located at ~arsf/backups/windows_software/grimm/Grimm_Software_ISO/

Think it needs to run on xp. Is installed on the Windows machine. You need to make sure that the input files have "Read Only" unchecked before loading them (there's no error that tells you this, it just doesn't work).