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    8383Mark1/knpa suggestions:[[BR]]
    8484- Improve speed of area/date search
    8586- Return area/date search results in a way that can be easily downloaded
    86 - add 2010 and 2013/14 values to web portal.
     88- Add 2010 and 2013/14 values to web portal.
     89   - 2010: For this we only a few flights over Balaton. Also, it was before Phil's script so they are are in the raw form. I've used dustMonitor to convert them (.../grimm/data/dust_monitor_output/) but there are two things stopping them going on the website
     90      1. They are in mean mass (micro-grams per micrometer) rather than being a straight particle count. We could ask Ben Barratt for a formula to convert the values.
     91      2. The CSV files are different from Phil's ones and would need to be-arranged appropriately.
     92   - 2013-14: these need to be downloaded from thelma still, then should be able to add as normal (if they've used Phil's script). If they are raw files then need to convert as above.
    8794- 2d graph needed
    8896- example format of time is wrong (: vs -)
    8998- move database from knpa PC to a server
    90100- option to save graphs (png?)
    91102- get rid of minor marklines on axes?
    92104- allow plots of different particle sizes on same graph - different colours?
    93106- get data list page to look ok in non-chrome browser
    94108- improve interactivity of graph (less lag)
    96110Suggestions by Ben Barratt:[[BR]]
    97111- Update  so can group particle sizes into ultrafine (<1micron), fine (<2.5micron) and coarse (>2.5micron). A display showing the ratio would also be helpful.
    98113- Try and use this to calculate the particle mass (Pm) value, which should be displayed on our portal (ask Ben B for this)
    99115- allow you to get vertical profiles of areas where the plane is ascending or descending
    100117- should cut out periods of takeoff and landing, or give these with a warning, because this will be very noisy data, with spikes.  *note - this sounds like it will clash with above suggestion!*
    101119- should display all of the different sizes at once instead of just three variables, could use different colours for each class.