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How to maintain the portal

Need to ssh onto our web server as rsgadmin: ssh rsgadmin@www

The grimm files are located here: ~rsgadmin/

Errors from the site will be logged here: ~rsgadmin/


index.html - initial page with 3 links

cgi-bin/query_grimm_db.cgi - python script that queries the database and returns result

data_list.php - page that houses the list of csv files that we have available

data_search.html - the page that houses the search by area/time

data/ - contains CSV data files that are graphed and can be downloaded

scatter.php - page that houses the graph and allows you to download the csv

scripts/scatter.js - javascript that creates the graph

scripts/cavasXpress.min.js - javascript library used by above

templates/ - css file for formatting the html pages

lib/ - contains libraries used by other scripts

images/ - contains images such as the NERC banner

Things to be fixed/improved

  • knpa to add 2010 and 2013/14 values to web portal.
  • 2d graph needed.
  • example format of time is wrong (: vs -)
  • move database from knpa PC to a server