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How to maintain the portal

Need to ssh onto our web server as rsgadmin: (password on wiki)
ssh rsgadmin@www

The grimm files are located here:

Errors from the site will be logged here:

knpa stuff:

Ben Barrett has been giving feedback about the portal and would like to be kept in the loop:


index.html - initial page with 3 links

cgi-bin/query_grimm_db.cgi - python script that queries the database and returns result

data_list.php - page that houses the list of csv files that we have available

data_search.html - the page that houses the search by area/time

data/ - contains CSV data files that are graphed and can be downloaded, one per flight day

scatter.php - page that houses the graph and allows you to download the csv

scripts/scatter.js - javascript that creates the graph

scripts/cavasXpress.min.js - javascript library used by above

templates/ - css file for formatting the html pages

lib/ - contains libraries used by other scripts

images/ - contains images such as the NERC banner

The database

The area/time selection tool uses information from a postgres database.

This database holds the same information as the CSV files, which were read in with the following script: ~knpa/grimm/input_file.csv

The database is currently on knpa's machine (knpa to remember to change before he goes).

I wrote down what I needed to do to create the database and configure it. In case this is needed again (you may need the command to restart it if the server goes down for example), this information is here:
How to set up an configure a postgres database

Other scripts

Phil's script to create the CSV files in real time:

A script I wrote to extract "vertical profiles" from the data:

Things to be fixed/improved

  • Improve speed of area/date search
  • Return area/date search results in a way that can be easily downloaded
  • add 2010 and 2013/14 values to web portal.
  • 2d graph needed
  • example format of time is wrong (: vs -)
  • move database from knpa PC to a server
  • option to save graphs (png?)
  • get rid of minor marklines on axes?
  • allow plots of different particle sizes on same graph - different colours?
  • get data list page to look ok in non-chrome browser
  • improve interactivity of graph (less lag)