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Specim Owl Thermal instrument

The Specim OWL is a multiband thermal instrument covering the MWIR - LWIR bands

The official Specim page can be found at

Internal hardware configuration

Details about the internal hardware (e.g. camera type, link protocol, optics, etc) are currently unknown, but will added here if they become available.

Raw file format

As with the other sensors, an ENVI BIL format is used. The data are stored in raw binary (16 bit) and the metadata in the accompanying .hdr file. Filenames are of the form NAME_YYYY-mm-DD_HH-MM-SS.{raw|hdr}, where NAME is assigned by the operator.

Black body captures are stored exactly as normal camera data are. Filenames are as above, but prepended with T1_ or T2_ depending on which black body was viewed.

See Sensors/SpecimNavSync.

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