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     1This page contains a list of status flags used during any form of automated processing.
     3please note where there is already information for flags a link is provided to the page containing
     4this information
     8[wiki:NavigationProcessing auto applanix]
     9||'status_applanix_batch_gen_ready'|| this is the first flag and indicates that the project is ready for stage 1||
     10||'status_applanix_queuing'|| this flag shows the scripts have been submitted to gridnodes||
     11||'status_applanix_processing_ready'|| this flag shows that the auto generation of batch and config files is complete and is detected by the '' script||
     12||'status_applanix_in_progress'|| this flag shows that the applanix programs are currently running||
     13||'status_error_auto_applanix_batch_gen_dispatch'|| an error has occurred submitting batch gen to gridnodes||
     14||'status_windows_applanix_completed'|| this flag shows that the windows section of the processing has completed successfully||
     15||'status_applanix_queuing2'|| this flag shows that the analysis is currently ongoing||
     16||'status_error_seperation_comparison_dispatch'|| this flag shows that an error occurred submitting the comparison script to grid nodes||
     17||'status_applanix_complete'|| navigation processing complete||
     20'''eagle/hawk processing'''
     22these flags are good guesstimates until concrete confirmation from jane or extensive code trawling
     24||status_ready|| indicates the directory is ready for eagle/hawk processing||
     25||status_queueing|| this flag shows that the processing has been successfully submitted to grid nodes||
     26||status_error|| this flag shows an error has occurred trying to submit to grid nodes||
     27||status_lev0_processing|| this flag replaces the status_queuing and contains a list of the seperate grid jobs running
     28||status_lev0_fail|| this flag shows that at least one job has failed and contains a list of successful and failed jobs||
     29||status_lev0_complete|| this flag shows that all jobs completed successfully||