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Ordnance Survey Vector Requests

Summary of the Mastermap vectors requested and received from Ordnance Survey, including the licence expiry date for each set.

If there is no paperwork with an expiry date, add 6 months to the date of receiving the data. A handy web tool for doing this is

Please also set a Google calendar reminder (login details?) on the arsf-processing calendar for the expiry date, saying which dataset should be destroyed (e.g. "Destroy OS data for GB08/10 (su30/31)") and ensure it will send an email reminder.

strikethrough means the data has expired and been decommissioned

Area Site Name Four cornerpoints (BNG tiles) Requested Received Disk Name Licence Expires
GB08/10 Dennys Wood su30 su31 N/A YES ARSF-GLlewellyn 13/Oct/2009
GB08/13 Lake Vrynwy sh82 sh91 sh92 28/April/2009 YES ARSF-UCL 24/May/2010
GB08/02 Delamere Forest sj56 sj57 07/May/2009 YES ARSF-Salford 24/May/2010
GB09/05 Leighton Moss, Leven, Estwaithe -PART1 sd38 sd57 sd47 07/May/2009 YES ARSF-Lancaster 24/May/2010
GB08/08 Wytham Woods sp40 sp41 07/May/2009 NO - Order Cancelled as CEH have own access
GB09/07 West coast (dunes) sh36 sh37 sh45 sh46 sh51 sh52
sn68 sn69
ss38 ss39 ss42 ss43 ss44 ss49
ss77 ss78 ss87
repeated 9/Jun/2009
09/October/2009 GB09-07(guessed) 02/April/2010
GB09/00 Oxford Parks sp40 sp50 09/June/2009 09/October/2009 GB09-00 4 Oct 2010
GB08/12 Borth Bog sn68 sn69 09/June/2009 09/October/2009 GB08-12 30 Sept 2010
HY05/02 Ayrshire Coalfields ns23 ns24 ns33 ns34 ns42 ns52 ns62 ns72 09/June/2009 09/October/2009 HY05a-02 30 Sept 2010
HY05/06 Pitlocry nn97 no06 no07 09/June/2009 09/October/2009 HY05-06 30 Sept 2010
UR08/02 River Coquet nu00 nz09 ny99 nt90 18/June/2009 09/October/2009 UR08-02 30 Sept 2010
GB08/18 River Frome sy78 sy79 sy88 sy89 sy98 sy99 18/June/2009 09/October/2009 GB08-18 30 Sept 2010
GB08/06 Bleaklow sk09 sk19 07/July/2009 09/October/2009 GB08-06 30 Sept 2010
please use OS BNG coords for the 4 cornerpoints of the whole bounding box from now on
Area Site Name Four cornerpoints (in BNG not tiles) Requested Received Disk Name Licence Expires
GB07/07 Inverclyde ns35, ns36 ns37 220000,640000 250000,690000 24/July/09 YES 3 Feb 2010
GB06/02 Freiston shore SW: 535000,335000 NE: 545000,351000 23/October/2009 05/November/2009 GB06-02 2 Nov 2010
GB08/10 Dennys Wood (re-order) SW: 429114.9,97489.12 NE: 440496.67 113243.50 23/October/2009 05/November/2009 GB08-10 13 Oct 2010
GB09/05 Leighton Moss, Leven, Estwaithe -PART2 & GB08/15 Eaves Wood SW:330000,490000 NE:340000,500000 23/Feb/2010 02/March2010 gb09_05 28 Feb 2011
GB09/11 Abernathy SW: 294000 815000 NE: 302000 830000 12/April/2010 10/May/2010 GB09/11 4 May 2011
GB03/01 Fiskerton Barlings SW: 660000 890000 NE: 680000 910000 12/April/2010 10/May/2010 GB03/01 4 May 2011
GB09/04 Coed Y Brenin SW: 260000 310000 NE: 290000 340000 12/April/2010 28/April/2010 GB09/04 30 April 2011
GB10/07 Upavon SW: 390000 140000 NE: 420000 210000 12/April/2010 28/April/2010 GB10/07 30 April 2011
GB07/12 Debden Burns SW: 400000 590000 NE: 410000 610000 12/April/2010 28/April/2010 GB07/12 30 April 2011
FW10/01 SW: 430000, 90000 NE: 440000, 110000 15/April/2010 28/April/2010 FW10/01 30 April 2011
FW10/02 SW : 310000, 540000 NE: 340000, 570000 15/April/2010 28/April/2010 FW10/02 30 April 2011
FW10_01-2010_187_Dennys_wood SZ29 SU41 SU21 SZ49 SW:426027,092603 NE:440730,115254 12/July/2010 22/July/2010 NERC-ARSF 3 Areas 13 July 2011
GB08_19-2010_154b_London_night TQ44 TQ54 TL51 TL41 SW:543090,148285 NE:555889,210593 12/July/2010
GB08_06-2010_167_Bleaklow SK08 SE11 SE01 SK18 SW:402601,386092 NE:416944,412579 12/July/2010 22/July/2010 NERC-ARSF 3 Areas 13 July 2011
GB09_00-2010_174_Oxford_parks SP10 SP52 SP12 SP50 SW:418387,201859 NE:457890,227645 12/July/2010 22/July/2010 NERC-ARSF 3 Areas 13 July 2011
GB08_19-2010_154a_London_day SW:515838,146975 NE:532670,208344 12/July/2010 (follow up sent 05/August/2010) 06/August/2010 GB08/19 13 July 2011
GB11_03 Tingwall SW corner: 403676 1103856 NE corner: 404830 1104872 24/06/11 25/08/11 NERC_ASanmark 25/08/12
GB11_01 Diddington SW corner: 508522 255893 NE corner: 529087 271102 24/06/11 25/08/11 NERC_DBoyd 25/08/12
GB11_00 Chopwell SW: NZ 0600 5110 NE: NZ 2110 6560 12/07/11 03/08/11 GLlewellyn_Durham 16/07/12
UR11_01 Poole Burn SW corner: 393722 87625, NE corner: 407956 101746 05/08/11 27/10/11 NERC_Milton 24/10/12