NERC Airborne Research Facility Workshop - March 2018


Day 1

  • Introduction (slides)
  • Basics of remote sensing, including specific issues for airborne remote sensing(slides)
  • What NERC-ARF is, including how it's funded and accessed and how data are collected(slides)
  • Introduction to field spectroscopy, including role of FSF and requirements for field spectroscopy to support airborne campaigns(slides)
  • Introduction to NERC-ARF hyperspectral instruments and data (slides)
  • Introduction to hyperspectral instrument calibration and associated data issues (slides)
  • Introduction to APL and Hyperspectral data processing practical (slides)
  • Atmospheric Correction (slides)
  • Radiative Transfer practical using Py6S (Instructions, Data)

Day 2

Resources for practical sessions

  • Computer set up instructions (PDF)
  • List of useful Linux commands (word)

Additional resources