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#36 fixed WM2006/07, flight day 159/2006 amro mggr

This one is one of the 2006 datasets that hasn't been delivered but wasn't known about - the PI, Prof. Keith Richard (see internal contact details page for email), contacted us directly after receiving the 157 data we did know about.

We appear to have the (CASI) data already, Amer has been working on it.

Amer has contacted the PI and asked for copies of the DEM and vector layers.

#14 fixed WM06-09, 158, Sinard (day), 7/6/2006 mggr amro

ATM data could not be processed due to some error in the navigation timing

azimport -- ver: 2.2.10 May 7 2007 (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2007

Applanix sbet file: ./app/app/Proc/apa06158.sbt Site time limits - day: 158 start: 92559 end: 92801 date: 07 06 2006 jday: 158 utc2gps: 14.0 NAV vgroup exists - updating

Nav records per second from Applanix sbet file: 200.00 Using: 0.01 seconds for gap check site time limits: 33959.00 to: 34081.00 day starts at secs: 259200.0

no SBET epochs in the site time limits - NO navigation saved FILE time limits - start: 78034.01 end: 83945.01 check SBET file used

Run terminated due to data or parameter errors or program failure

#145 fixed Wider scale geoid spheroid file needed benj mggr

A geoid-spheroid file is required for processing with a DEM based on the geoid. For UK flights, we use osgb02.cgrf, which is a high accuracy description as recommended by the OS.

The other files we have in ~arsf/dems/geoid-spheroid are: igg2005.grd (Portuguese grid?) and sphseplx.grd (European region). Both are apparently a 7.5min grid.

To process Ethiopia (and IPY and other) data, using SRTM DEMs, we need a larger grid.

This ticket is somewhat belated - the issue was raised during Bill's visit to PML in March, but pushed recently as we started to work on Ethiopia data.

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