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#347 fixed DEM generation script fails on long lines iopa benj

The script used to generate DEMs for UK flightlines ( currently only takes into account the start and end position of the aircraft on each line (because it reads these from the header files). This means that on long lines where there is an entire BNG tile between the start and the end it may not include DEM data for the whole flightline.

Possible solutions:

  1. (Preferred): Read SBET file in (using, unless you've got a pressing reason to do it another way), track position of aircraft and do maths on swath width to work out which BNG tile the aircraft is over (ensuring it's in the UK as well).
  2. (Possibly easier): Adapt existing script to be more intelligent about what tiles might be in the middle. May be easier but might be complicated by corner case and/or case where rolls over tile edge (9->0).
#302 fixed when zooming on overview and profile pixels jiggle harg chrfi

Build number: 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc974

to reproduce, run LAG with no arguments and click file, open, select any LAS file and load it. now when zooming in and out of a set spot the pixels will appear to jiggle, they are moving position with each zoom increment with relation to each other.the expected result is that the pixels expand outwards but don't move relativly.

#303 fixed ASCII file reading default format code needed harg benj

It would be nice if the file > open dialog had the format code to match our ASCII files by default. Specifically: " txyzicr#"

Also the description of the format code needs to be made clearer.

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