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#299 fixed loading file x then adding file y causes an error message chrfi chrfi

Build number: 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc973

to reproduce, the files are located in users/rsg/arsf/workspace/GB07_07-2009_277_inverclyde/leica/proc_laser. start up lag with no arguments, file, open, select the file LDR091004_131017_1.LAS and click add. Then select the file LDR091004_122647.LAS and click add, instead of simple adding the new line to the display (already showing the first line) an error message is printed to the command line. this is also true if you try to load both at the same time. However it does not occur if you open every file or other certain combinations.

#306 fixed flightline caching and memory optimization chrfi chrfi

a feature is desired which allows the user through a pop up box when loading files to be notified that the selection will overflow the available ram and use swap space, they will then be given 3 options, abort, continue, or use hard drive/main memory caching.

abort does what it says on the tin as does continue (which should have a warning message pointing out that your about to have your swap filled and this will make the machine unresponsive and cause serious problems if the machine runs out of swap memory)

the third option will cause the flight lines to be loaded but to be stored on the hard drive rather than in ram. This will provide stable access to full resolution data at the cost of speed.

wish list: the program will be intelligent about the cashing, loading in the most relevant data to main memory to reduce response time when the user is only viewing a small portion of the data

the program will be multi threaded allowing data to be pulled off the hard drive while the user is still using the gui. for instance while the users is zooming in and out of a small area, a larger area around it is being moved to main memory in anticipation of the user viewing it.

supplemental to this any and all options to further reduce the memory footprint of loaded flight lines need to be looked at

#310 fixed have multiple resolution versions of quadtree stored at one time chrfi chrfi

basically the quad tree will contain buckets containing different resolutions. the quadtree will still be built at full resolution (or whatever resolution is specified in the constructor. the user will be able to request buckets from subset that contain a lower resolutions. This will mitigate the fact that as buckets are chached as a whole the entire bucket must be cached to access only a single or few points.

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