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#25 fixed ARSF website mock up mggr mggr

Create a mirror of the ARSF website and link trac into it.

The main purpose of this is to retain ARSF branding, ie. website would be with appropriate forwarding/mapping of webservers. Alternatively, we could get NERC to create and retain the branding that way.

Optionally/in future pending approval:

  • add a dynamic map to show where flights have been/are going to be
    • Google Earth variant? (see ticket #24)
    • alternatively use OpenLayers + a WFS?
#27 fixed Support: 15/May/2007, Karl Hennermann, ? mggr mggr

Karl called Steve and said he has an expired azgcorr (v4.5.9). Contacting to send him an update.

#29 fixed GB2007/07, flight day 102a/2007, Inverclyde benj mggr

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/flight_data/uk/GB2007_07-2007_102a_Inverclyde

Data arrived from ARSF via second SATA disk transfer at the start of Sept.

Scientific details:

  • Hyperspectral monitoring of heather uplands
  • ~/arsf_data/in_progress/2007/ARSF_Applications-GB_2007/GB07-07_Application_and_science_case.pdf

Related tickets: #52


  • Eagle (delivered 12/Mar/08)
  • Hawk (delivered 30/Apr/08)


Alasdair Mac Arthur (PI is Tim Malthus, but Alasdair is the person doing the work) has volunteered to be the 2007 Specim guinea pig.

There are several flights in this project, see: #52

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