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#9 fixed BSEQ dump produces incorrect ENVI header mggr mggr

azexhdf -h a195041b.hdf -BSe a195041b_test.raw

Should produce an envi .hdr for a bseq file (azexhdf help states:

  -B  fn      : convert image data to BIL binary file
  -BS fn      : convert image data to BSEQ binary file
  -Be fn      :
  -BSe fn     :
              :  B and BS may be followed by  e  to request an ENVI
              :  compatible header to be output with extension fn.hdr
              : For ENVI compatibility fn should be given as  fn.raw or fn.bil
              : fn  = output filename

Actual header file produced claims it's a BIL, not a BSEQ: arsf@pmpc889:~/support/20070515-GB06_05-195a-RachelGaulton<1040>cat a195041b_test.hdr

description = { File output by azexhdf }
file type = ENVI
interleave = bil
samples = 938
lines = 3802
bands = 11
header offset = 0
data type = 12
byte order = 0

Correcting the interleave line to read "bseq" results in a correct load into ENVI.

#309 fixed button to restore profile window harg chrfi

we really need a button that reopens the profile window. At present if the window is closed the program keeps running but there is no way to get the window back again. this means if the user closes it they will have to restart lag (and incur large loading times).

#629 fixed CA18/207, flight day 123/2018, Rothamsted (UK) asm

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/2018/flight_data/uk/CA18_207-2018_123_Rothamsted

Data arrived via USB hard drive on 14/May/2018.

Scientific objective: Test in Alconbury (UK) for this project. Canadian Wildfire Observations with SLSTR & Aircraft: Directional Effects of Thermally Emitted Radiation & Exploration of Flaming/Smouldering Partitioning and Plume Trace Gas Emission Ratios

Priority: High for Fenix, low for digital camera

PI: Martin Wooster


  • Fenix (requested, flown)
  • OWL (not requested, not flown)
  • PhaseOne (requested, flown, low priority)
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