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#629 new flight processing

CA18/207, flight day 123/2018, Alconbury (UK)

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Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/2018/flight_data/uk/CA18_207-2018_123_Alconbury

Data arrived via USB hard drive on a LETTER on 14/May/2018.

Scientific objective: Test in Alconbury (UK) for this project. Canadian Wildfire Observations with SLSTR & Aircraft: Directional Effects of Thermally Emitted Radiation & Exploration of Flaming/Smouldering Partitioning and Plume Trace Gas Emission Ratios

Priority: High for Fenix, low for digital camera

PI: Martin Wooster


  • Fenix (requested, flown)
  • OWL (not requested, not flown)
  • PhaseOne (requested, flown, low priority)

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Project unpacked, checks have been run and output saved within the same unpacking log. Problems with Fenix files:
-No time stamps in the nav files
-2 incidents of 68 dropped frames in line 1
-Quite a few problems with the fps:
fps differs from fps_qpf by 3.413 in file: FENIX123-18-1.hdr
fps differs from fps_qpf by 1.905 in file: FENIX123-18-3.hdr
fps differs from fps_qpf by 0.508 in file: FENIX123-18-4.hdr
fps differs from fps_qpf by 1.564 in file:FENIX123-18-5.hdr
fps differs from fps_qpf by 1.555 in file: FENIX123-18-7.hdr

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Navigation Processing

In order to check if the fps problem still persist in the Fenix, have started the navigation processing. The basestation included was .18o files that needed to be concatenated with teqc but no .nav files were given. To process the data, downloaded another basestation using IpasTC and used the given .epp to process the original .18o in grafnav as suggested in the wiki. Basestation verification is then:
Lat: 51 54 05.42297
Lon: -0 10 42.59936
EllHeight: 158.680 m
AntHeight: 0.172m

IpasTC complained that the navigation had a gap but looks like it is outside the flight. Needed to interpolate the basestation data to 1s as it was given with 30s interval. Done the navigation processing, the lat and lon sepparation accuracy is better than 1m (better than Fenix) except for a couple of spikes. This should be good for this test dataset. Data copied across.

Navigation and basestation verification finished.

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