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#256 fixed Hawk contains dark stripes benj benj

Hawk imagery since the start of 2009 contain dark stripes running along-track. Initially there was just one stripe but following the instrument's return to Specim in April there has been a number.

#287 fixed Azspec adds extra blank lines to the end of some level 1 files benj benj

Some Eagle and Hawk lines, when processed through azspec, acquire extra blank lines on the end of the level 1 file. Header dimensions are correct for the file as expected (not as it actually is) and ENVI just silently truncates what it's displaying, so this hasn't been noticed before. Became noticeable using fastQC for delivery checking. The actual data values for the data in the file are unaffected (values are very similar to those obtained through CaliGeo).

Fixed promptly by Bill when reported, working from azspec.1.2.10. Raising (and closing) this ticket purely for tracking purposes. Use (attached) to chop blank lines off the end of affected level 1 BIL files.

#469 fixed ET12/17, flight day 320/2012, Corbetti benj mark1

Data location: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2012/flight_data/ethiopia/ET12_17-2012_320_Corbetti/

Data arrived from ARSF via SATA disk on 06/12/2012

ET12/17 Scientific objective:

ET12/17 Priority: a4h

PI: David Pyle


Camera (05/03/2013) Eagle (Requested) Hawk (Requested) LiDAR (05/03/2013)

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