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#311 fixed drawing the flight lines increases main memory usage emca chrfi

to reproduce load several flight lines that will not fit within the given cache. these will load normally with the ram usage being capped at the cache limit. when the image is first drawn the amount of ram being used by the program will increase. This increase seems to be linked to the size of the flight lines. subsequent redraws increase the ram usage slightly but i think this is the same problem being caused by drawing areas that were in cache the first time but now have to be loaded.

once each part of the image has been drawn and loaded out of secondary memory once the increase stops. This at first seems to point to a problem in the caching code and therefore i have used my test bed to perform unit tests on the quadtree and caching classes. These tests showed that without the gui loading and then pulling points out of uncached buckets has no effect on the ram usage of the program.

so far the only theory is that it is caused by an overflow from the graphics card ram.

#107 invalid Eagle/Hawk spectrums misaligned benj benj

If you plot Eagle and Hawk processed output on the same graph (see attachment) there's about a 30nm overlap for the spectral range, and the instruments don't seem to agree in this overlap. Even if the instruments don't give the same magnitude, the absorption features shown should align (and they don't). This suggests that the spectral calibration of one or both instruments may be out by up to 100nm, which appears to be the displacement needed to make the two graphs align.

Eagle/Hawk spectra from level 1 data (Nigg Bay line 3). Top lines are over land, bottom over water (with possible sun glint).

#81 fixed Eagle radiometric calibration mismatch mggr mggr

This ticket is spawned from #74 (support ticket for Rachel Gaulton, who found this problem). See that ticket for the initial work, summarised here.

Eagle's calibrated spectral profile on flights appears to differ substantially from CASI in terms of the measured radiance. The shape is the same but the numbers are different by a factor of approximately 4-8, depending on the pixel chosen.

Short history to date:

  • 16/Oct Initial problem report from Rachel (2006 dataset)
  • 18/Oct AKW recommended investigating on a known dataset
  • 22/Oct Picked 166/2007 boresight flight and confirmed we're also seeing this issue
  • 29/Oct Demonstrated to Gary and agreed routes for investigation

Original L0 and L1b tests

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