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#163 fixed Cloud Test, flight day 031/2008, ethiopia knpa mark1

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/in_progress/2008/flight_data/arsf_internal_projects/cloud_test-2008_031_ethiopia

Data arrived from ARSF via initial SATA disk transfer in March

Scientific details: (details of application not available at PML)

PI: Internal project


  • Eagle
  • Hawk



#334 fixed colour by height cross section scroll emca chrfi

it is currently possible to manually set the minimum and maximum for the colour by height range. it would be nice if it was possible once a certain height range is picked to be able to scroll this range up and down (essentially incrementing the min and max at the same time with a single option) (plus it looks like a cat scan :) ... or is it mri )

#250 invalid Create program to rescale dark file benj benj

We need a program that will read in a dark frame file, rescale it to mimic that for a different integration time and then output the new file.

Basic level: Read in data file, multiply by a user-specified scaling factor (except pixels 1 & 2 on band 1 for each line), output new data file.

What we really want: Same, but calculate scaling factor from differential of integration times - check relative data values for existing dark files to try and work out if the result of changing the integration time is just a linear scaling (hopefully) or something more complicated, then implement appropriate algorithm. The user should also be able to specify a scaling factor as above if they prefer.

Gold-plated: Same, but also account for changes in framerate and in spectral/spatial binning. May be worth spending half an hour to check whether the effects of altering these are also just linear scaling, but if they're not then don't include them (assume constant).

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