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#565 fixed MA14/07, flight day 315/2014, Tangjung Balau dap

Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/2014/flight_data/malaysia/MA14_07-2014_315_Tangjung_Balau

Data arrived from ARSF via network transfer on 08/01/2015.

Scientific objective: To develop and assess the feasibility of a system to monitor geographic distribution of seaweeds in the tropics and their diversity, properties and variability over time using data from ARSF supported by extensive contemporaneous field data collection.

Priority: Unknown

PI: Doreen Boyd

proj_tidy indicates that too few dark frames were collected for Peninsular_Doreen_Boyd_0257.hdr (only 36 were collected).

It also indicates that there is a large difference between the fps_set and fps_qpf values for the following Fenix header files: FENIX315-14-1.hdr FENIX315-14-3.hdr FENIX315-14-4.hdr FENIX315-14-6.hdr FENIX315-14-9.hdr FENIX315-14-10.hdr FENIX315-14-11.hdr FENIX315-14-13.hdr FENIX315-14-15.hdr FENIX315-14-17.hdr


  • Fenix (requested)
  • LiDAR FW (not requested)
  • LiDAR (not requested)
  • RCD (requested)
#299 fixed loading file x then adding file y causes an error message chrfi chrfi

Build number: 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc973

to reproduce, the files are located in users/rsg/arsf/workspace/GB07_07-2009_277_inverclyde/leica/proc_laser. start up lag with no arguments, file, open, select the file LDR091004_131017_1.LAS and click add. Then select the file LDR091004_122647.LAS and click add, instead of simple adding the new line to the display (already showing the first line) an error message is printed to the command line. this is also true if you try to load both at the same time. However it does not occur if you open every file or other certain combinations.

#318 invalid LAG crashes when a profile is selected that contains no points. harg harg

To reproduce zoom in far, into an area with points, and select an area within that does not contain any. LAG will segfault.

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