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#256 fixed Hawk contains dark stripes benj benj

Hawk imagery since the start of 2009 contain dark stripes running along-track. Initially there was just one stripe but following the instrument's return to Specim in April there has been a number.

#354 fixed Hawk 2010 spectral calibration shifted mggr mggr

On examination, the Hawk spectral calibration appears to have shifted between 2009 and 2010. However, when processing using the new, shifted calibration, we see absorption features misplaced by the same amount as the shift.

This implies the spectral calibration is incorrect.

#310 fixed have multiple resolution versions of quadtree stored at one time chrfi chrfi

basically the quad tree will contain buckets containing different resolutions. the quadtree will still be built at full resolution (or whatever resolution is specified in the constructor. the user will be able to request buckets from subset that contain a lower resolutions. This will mitigate the fact that as buckets are chached as a whole the entire bucket must be cached to access only a single or few points.

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